19 de febrero de 2015

Josefina and Matt (english version)

Josefina, my eldest niece, migrated to Australia some years ago. Before leaving I gave the quilt that I used during my sleepless nights.

I know she used it and liked to feel from afar a hint of my scent. But it was not until a few years later when I received this card announcing their engagement that I realised how truly important this quilt was for her.

With such a gesture, I could not resist to the idea of embarking myself into a new project when she asked me to make her soon-to-be husband a quilt with his old but much cherished rugby shirts.
She sent them to me.

I must confess that when I opened the box I thought it was going to be a challenge to do something harmonic with it all, but I had committed to the task so I set myself to work...

I selected shirts, prepared them with gusset behind and cut the pieces.

The distribution was somewhat difficult, but luckily before their wedding in Bs As she helped me select the relevant parts for Matt.

I interspersed blue striped cotton fabric.

In a rush prior to Christmas, Viviana from "SERAFÍN" (idol of crowds) opened her shop on a Sunday so I could get the blue polar for the back. There was no time to waste as they flew south early Monday to spend the Christmas holidays...

This was the final quilt.


I made a bag for the quilt using the team sponsors from the shirts.


The wedding reception and party was so much fun, the new couple could not be cuter and I enjoyed at ease watching my sons and their beautiful girlfriend’s dance the night away!

Shoes game

The beautiful couple

Matt's face to see his beloved shi

rts made into a quilt. I did not see this personally but Josefina assured me he liked it :) and my sister in law documented the moment with this picture...

Thank you Josie, for the translation and the new picture !!!

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